Can’t access account which is actively tracking still

I am unable to sign in to my account.

I use to have the gamer tag “Two Ethereum” I have since changed it back to “parkzee”
(The original gamer tag for the account)

I am unable to claim my “two Ethereum” account which is still actively tracking my stats. It shows my ranked rp ect.

But every email I use for some reason doesn’t work and won’t sign into it. I have done a “forgot username” for all my emails. Nothing comes back to the “two Ethereum” profile.

So I think I have been unlinked somehow??

My GT was “Two Ethereum”
My GT is now “Parkzee”
Both where linked through my platform profile.
Platform is Xbox

If I could at least know what email is linked to said account so I can try to sign in or at least reset my password would be good. Cause atm. NOTHING.