Can’t find my account on r6 tracker website

I can’t find my username on the r6 tracker website. I can only view my account when signed in but when I search for on the website without being signed in another account that isn’t mine comes up. My Xbox name is rxvolutionz and when I search for it not signed in Rxvolutionz with a capital R only comes up. Any suggestions?

Hi, is your connected Ubisoft Connect account username tu_gerardo2002? If no, please recheck your Xbox gamertag or provide me the correct Ubisoft Connect account username and I can find your Xbox account.

My Ubisoft connect username is roginho.

Would changing my name on xbox fix this issue?

That Ubisoft connect name is not linked to any Xbox account, only a PSN account. Have you provided the correct Ubi connect name, or not linked your Xbox account correctly?