Can’t find some gamertags on Halo Infinite Tracker

I am not able to find these gamertags on the Halo Infinite tracker:

  1. Chamandi
  2. DreamyMystery
  3. Stoic Droid

We have turned the privacy settings to ‘Share’ in all of our accounts. And also played some ranked games afterwards. But still the gamertags are not showing up in the tracker. Please fix this issue so that we can track our stats.

Hi @Chamandi,

Thank you for your report. All these profiles should be available on our website now:

Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues.

Same here. A11 NINJA is my gamertag


Please use the link below:

Same Problem here. Mr Shkreli is my Gamertag. I play on Steam

Hi @CheBierVara,

Your profile should be available now:

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My tracker says i have a bug SaiganExcis

Hi @Btone87,

Could you send us a screenshot please?

same my gamertag is ,Skittlejim, and i cant find anything from my my gamertag