Cannot find your account for BF 2042? Post Here!

Hello Everybody :slight_smile:

We just wanted to create a pinned topic for anyone who may be struggling to search up their account on Battlefield 2042 Tracker.

If you are having issues please post the following and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

  • The platform you are playing on.
  • Associated Gamertag/ID.

Please note for the site to function as intended you must have the ‘Share Usage Data’ tab set to ‘On’ within the game settings (General → Share Usage Data → ON) - If your account was previously set to private it may take a few hours for the back end systems to show your statistics! Be patient :slight_smile:

If you still have issues post below and we’ll do our best to resolve any problems!

This is my situation, I “shared data” & already played and nothing. I did this when It came out. (~1day ago) and still nothing. “no user found”

  • The platform you are playing on: PC
  • Associated Gamertag/ID: xhip

@xhip I cannot trace ‘xhip’ on any of EA’s platforms right now.
Can you please confirm a couple of further details?

  • Are you playing via Origin Or Steam?
  • Can you log into your Origin account here: Origin and confirm your EA ID is accurate?

Thank you

Are you playing via Origin Or Steam? :
Steam (that opens origin)

Can you log into your Origin account here Origin and confirm your EA ID is accurate?
this is from the origin client: image|211x267

Can’t find account and user data is turned on and I have played multiple games. I play on Xbox series x…what do I do or how can I find my account? Still says it’s stuck on “private.” User gamertag is “Sweating Moily”

Hello @SweatingMolly and welcome to the TRN forums.

Have you checked out the settings necessary for data collection? You can find more information here:

(It’s the same information/screenshot from the original post by LJM at the top of this thread)

Sadly, yes. It’s what I referred to in my comment/post. It’s been on for over 2 days since it was posted. The search still says private. Also, looked under ea account and everything says it’s public.

@Xhip Please send ‘TrackerOfApex’ a friend request via Origin/EA please. We’re investigating issues

@SweatingMolly Okay; i’ll conduct some testing around how long it should take for private accounts when switched to public to be accessible.

Given this a newly supported game I don’t quite have that answer yet; other EA titles are usually instant however it’s best we test this before saying anything concrete!

Thank you

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Thanks for trying :wink: I appreciate
Invite sent.

Thanks for the attention, I notice that I finally have a profile on BF2042stats :wink: GG

PS: The claim profile is not work.

@xhip Xhip’s Battlefield 2042 Overview Stats - Battlefield 2042 Tracker (

hello I’ve changed it to on and played a lot of match but it still can’t find my profile. i use origin my ID : Malthael


Please keep me updated. Thank you!

@malthael37 Thank you for pinging me Via EA :slight_smile:

Can you confirm whether or not you play on Origin or Steam? Taking a guess origin looking at your EA account?

Secondly, can you confirm you have your privacy settings open; if you have recently amended the settings when was this done?

Thank you

@SweatingMolly Your account is still showing as private to us; hence the issue.

I’ve tried adding you Via Xbox and noticed your account is also setup with quite strict privacy settings; this could be causing some issues however would be something that we’ve not encountered before (Console settings blocking game-specific data)

Can you please just for record sakes screenshot your privacy settings from BF2042 just so we can verify they are open?

Thank you

Hi, thx for answer
i’m playing on Origin and my setting on my account EA have been modified a week a go everything is Public. And Origin has been checked to.

Thank you

Hello, my profile is called G-B-7-3 and I’m playing on PS4. I have all necessary settings turned on and played multiple online matches since, but it still says that it can’t find my profile on playstation. It’s strange because the thing is that it works when I search for my BFV stats

I am sharing my usage data and my profile is still private. This has been going on since the release of the tracker.

PC - Steam that opens up Origin

Gamertag/ID: Borgsterz