Cannot find your account for BF 2042? Post Here!

Any updates up? It’s been about a week…0

I play on Xbox and PS5 and both have share usage data on and both profiles say private

PSN:Killerbean42er//Gametag:Kiiier Queen

@SweatingMolly LJM posted a day ago asking for some more information from you:

  • Platform: Playstation 4
  • Gamertag: G-B-7-3

hi . i don’t see my id tracked on site . also did all required above

  • origin
  • Nz-or

@G-B-7-3 Okay; just as you suggested we find your PSN account for BFV but not 2042. I believe we have some issues flagged with EA however will add you to the list of players with issues.

Can you confirm you have your profile set to public?

Thank you

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@Nz-or Leave this with us; thank you for confirming you platform of play.

We’re aware of issues

Of course! Also, please be mindful as my Xbox gamertag is: Sweating Moily

I have it capitalized so it appears as if there is a double “ll” but that is not the case.

But the strange thing is I can look up Battlefield V stats with no issue and everyone can see them!

Give me a minute, struggling to figure out to attach a picture

@LJM @vindictivesmurf

I can find my stats for Battlefield V though? Also, gamertag for Xbox: Sweating Moily

Although it appears to be a double “ll” but it’s not. Thanks for your help.

Thank you :slight_smile: And yes i can confirm that it’s set to public, I’ve double checked yesterday when doing new week challenges

@LJM Any updates regarding my issue?

Interesting, I didn’t get a reply either :thinking::unamused:

What did we find out? I noticed the recent update, any further progress here? Thanks

Thank you everyone for the reports - we’re compiling the data and working on a fix/communicating with EA.

Keep posting here if you have issues

Thank you so much, take your time.

Any update? Season 1 released and still private.

Borgsterz was my previous username. now it’s borg-z

Are you playing on origin/steam or PSN?

I changed my name and now its showing up. Thanks for “helping” though.

Hi @LJM I’m also unable to get my private settings corrected to view/claim my profile on battlefield 2042 for PSN, confirming usage data is set to on, id: reneney