Cannot find your account for BF 2042? Post Here!

Hi there,

Hopefully this thread is still being monitored. TRN search cannot find my Origin account for some reason to check my Battlefield stats. I went through all of my Origin settings to make sure the privacy is open and I confirmed my Origin ID but the search still turns up no results.

Platform: PC/Steam
Origin ID: rebelsauce


Hi !

In Origin
Share Usage Data is in ON.


ID : 3mrr
In Origin
Share Usage Data is in ON.

Platform: Xbox Series X

Hi. I am unable to link my origin account to my trn account.

ID: Ujie
Platform: Origin
Share Usage Data turned on.


ID: Myraci
Platform: Xbox
Data sharing ON

I can find my profile, but the stats don’t match my in-game (Battlefield V) stats and profile picture.

ID : Hobbit
Platform : Origin
Says its private but the shared data is turned on

ID: Huff
Platform: Origin
Data sharing is on, cant find stats

ID: coldplay5467
Platform: EA Play
Data sharing is ON, can’t find stats

My player profile is showing but i have been taken of the leader boards for some reason?

When filtering the leader board for Sweden as region i was among the top in kills in 2042 earlier, but now it doesn’t show anymore. And yes i still have the amount of kills to be there. :slight_smile: I haven’t changed anything in my settings and still share user data as my profile still shows.

I did manage to solve it. For some reason i had to claim my account again.

PSN: SG-17
Platform: PS5

Share Usage Data is on.

GT: v F I N A L v
Xbox series x
Sharing data on

I’m still have this problem. All settting are right
Platform ps5
Gamertag Sbrooksie_

Platform: PC (via EA App)
Gamertag: thesamuraibunny

As you may know, the Origin app is being discontinued - as suggested by EA, I migrated all my Origin titles to the EA app. The stats on Tracer Network appears to have all gameplay via the EA app excluded (approximately 25 hours at this point in time) - looks like something broke with the migration to EA app?

Thanking you in advance for any assistance/guidance :ok_hand:t2:

Just a heads-up: it seems Tracer Network is accurately tracking gameplay, but it’s limited to games with no AI players (i.e. even if there’s 30+ human players, with 1 AI player, the game will be flagged with less XP and not tracked for statistics outside of the game).

So, issue seems resolved :man_shrugging:t2:

Share usage is on but TRN says i dont exist when i type my gamertag in.

Platform: Xbox
Gamertage: IM U IR P IH x