Cannot find your account for BF 2042? Post Here!


Exactly the same issue here:

EA App
ID: mccabedd
Share Usage Data is ON


Working now - Thanks :slight_smile:


My account is not listed :

  • The platform you are playing on: PC
  • Associated Gamertag/ID: Solar_Kate


ID: ToxiK_ThePanda
Platform: PS5
Data sharing ON

My account is not on the leaderboard

Redsox Rich Xbox series X

Would like to claim my Battlefield2042 profile, when I try to apply EA name to my TRN account it says “The EA name you provided could not be found, please check your spelling.” I am sure the spelling is right.

  • The platform you are playing on : PC - Steam
  • Associated Gamertag/ID : Andad



My name does not show at all for 2042 but does for previous Battlefields. Would be much appreciated if you could fix please.

PC Origin
Share data is open


I can’t find my profile stats for Battlefield 2042. Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V both show my stats.
Checked my settings in Battlefield 2042 and confirmed they are set to public and share data usage is on. Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

Hi, When did you last play a full match of BF 2042?

Thank you

The tracker can’t correctly show my current ID.I can only find my previous ID on TRN.

This is my previous ID.
Searching my current ID(Fish-Fins-Fish) returns a result of unknown.
My current ID : Fish-Fins-Fish
Platform : Origin
Shared data is on
I played a full game of battlefield 2042 yesterday and today.

Working now, thankyou :grin:.

@Lewie Hi,Lewie.Excuse me,I have a problem.My account is still showing as private to anyone even if I have already opened it (Share Usage Data → ON)
Platform : Origin
My current ID : Mumhunter
Share Usage Data is ON


Play some matches and leave it another day or two; we don’t control the privacy features, that is 100% controlled by EA.

At times it can take a while for all of the systems to update