Cannot join Arenas Challenge


I attempted to join the arenas challenge of six game win streak, however I get an error of, I must have a valid account with at least 1 win. I do have a valid account with all the necessary platforms linked (twitch, YouTube, PSN, Origin) and have a 105 game win streak however it does not appear on my profile nor does it appear in any leaderboards. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, it may also be an in game issue as my win streak badge doesn’t display my win streak either.

Platfrom : Origin
Username : DCGTOS


Sorry about this; we’ve been made aware that players with the 100 streak badge are struggling to enter and I’ve flagged it with the team.

Honestly I never expected players to be hitting 100 streaks as quickly as they have so this one is on me!

I’ll come back hopefully early next week with an update.

Thank you

thank you for the reply hopefully i can join challenges soon. ^^