Cannot link Origin account

Every time I try to link my Origin account I get a message box at the top of the screen saying “Unable to link the Origin name to your account”.

Hello @VII-S-VII and welcome to the TRN forums!

The message appears to state that someone named Sugar_x_Wolf has already linked your Origin username to their TRN account. From what I see down at the bottom of the screen, that username likely belongs to you due to the Twitch account.

Do you have a separate TRN account named “Sugar_x_Wolf”?

I don’t think I have a separate account named that…

Sugar_x_Wolf is my twitch name its the only place I have that name I believe

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the error. Maybe it means that you cannot update the Origin account because another Origin account named “Sugar_x_Wolf” is already linked to your TRN account?

Have you recently changed your name on Origin? If you log into Origin’s website and look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, does your username match what you’re attempting to put in the TRN linked account for Origin?

I have never changed my Origin name and yes it matches

Hmm, okay. Can you try this for me:

  • Log into your TRN account and go back to the Linked Accounts page
  • Clear the Origin account
  • Sign out of your TRN account
  • Go to Origin’s webpage and sign out if you’re not already
  • Clear your browser cookies and cache
  • Log back into Origin
  • Log back into TRN
  • Try adding your Origin account as a Linked Account again

Sorry was gone… I just tried what you said and it still gives me the message box. A good while back like long time ago I had a TRN account was my first one I only have this one and the other one but the other I deleted cuz I made this one and even on my old account I couldn’t link Origin either so. Is there something else that could be causing the issue?

Also I don’t if it was a bug or something but one of the attempts to link my Origin account the message box came up but instead of Sugar_x_Wolf it was a different name it was ImSwat or something like that.

Hi ! Same Problem…

Best regards