Cannot set geo-location or find myself in leaderboards

Hi there. I haven’t been able to set my location or find myself in most of the leaderboards for a few seasons now. I figured it was just a thing that would magically work one day but it hasn’t yet. I have set my geo location on the appropriate page and it says it saves but it actually doesn’t. My stats on my profile, as far as kills, is accurate. I’m just not on leaderboards that I know I show up on.

If anyone has any ways to fix this, please let me know!

still no reply so bumping

As bizarre as this sounds log into your TRN account on an incognito/clean internet browser and set your location again here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (

Once done let me know and i’ll verify

im facing the same issue, i can check my profile and it shows my country flag but when i go to the leaderboards i dont see my name even though my rank in within the range that im looking at

oh that worked thanks!

Set it on an incognito tab just now

still nothing has changed. any update??