Can't change profile character / image

Hi, i recently signed up in fortnite tracker and got premium but after changing my profile once i couldn’t change it again it only gives my the upload an image option when i click edit header.

There is also an issue with win leadboards people using bot lobbies and getting 40 to 50 kill solo wins

Hi @Larks_I,

The free avatar selector (shown below) becomes unavailable when you purchase the Premium membership as we assume that you would like to use your own image as your avatar.

As a Premium member, you should use this page to change your avatar:

However, if you still want to use the free avatar selector, you may unlink your Epic Games account from your Tracker Network account ( to suspend your Premium membership on the Fortnite website. The selector will be available again for you to change your avatar. You will be able to link your Fortnite profile again after changing your avatar.

Please let me know if it helps.

Thanks for responding but i need to relink it to my account to change it and once i do that its back to premium so i cant change

Sorry, I did not take that into account, you are right. You would need to link your Fortnite profile to a non-Premium account in this case.

We can change how the button in the header works to let you choose which system you would like to use to change your avatar. I will add it to our to-do list and I will let you know here once this change is live.

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