Can't claim multiversus profile

I’ve linked my steam to my profile, but for some reason, my multiversus profile can’t be claimed on is there something i’m missing?

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I’ve got the same issue - I play on PSN though.
If it matters in any way, my WB account and PSN account have different names (first is Nobsyde, second is Nobsyde_TV )

you’re not alone - i’m getting the same thing. linked my steam but my account is still unclaimed.

I also can’t claim my Steam Profile; ProfessorHex

Name used to be Kodiak__Killer on Steam, not sure if that matters either.

And I also play it here or there while on Xbox, but that’s linked too, and I believe (not 100%) it’s KodiakKiller#393

Same here, epickill on both steam and multiversus WB ACC, still cannot claim.

Just as an update, as of today my profile is verified (even if I’m not sure what I can do with it)

I also can not claim my MVS profile

Same. I also cant link my accounts. Literally just want to post in LFG.