Cant claim my destiny profile

As the title says I cant claim my own destiny profile even though I am signed in on steam on the website, also it says my destiny profile is from France even though I am from the us… any help would be appreciated.

I am having the same problem. I cannot claim my own account, I’ve unlinked and linked again several times, which I am sure made things worse.

same here hopefully someone can give us an solution to the problem

Same issue. Had a Battle Net account that got transfered to Steam, and my Steam is linked but I still can’t claim the Destiny 2 profile that corresponds to my Steam account.

Yep same issue here. Have linked my Steam account and clicked “Claim Profile” multiple times.

Same issue; it’s their garbage API/code. All relevant accounts are linked, yet I’m still notified that my own account isn’t “claimed”. Tried all basic level one troubleshooting such as unlinking and relinking accounts.