Cant clear my stats on Fuse

Hello, I can clear my stats on all legends except fuse

I believe almost no one can clear them on fuse, a friend of mine also can’t on fuse and I found this : Tracker issue with Fuse

I hope someone has a solution

Sorry for my bad english

My profil :

maybe a staff member can delete them?

Hi @Avasaky,

Thank you for your report, we will add this issue to our list. Please note that there are quite many technical limitations on the Apex Legends side which is why it may take some time to fix the issue.

Unfortunately, we cannot remove your legend stats easily. You must use the tool on our website to perform this action.

Hello @LostBlood ,

I am having the same problem when trying to clear my Seer tracker! I’ve been trying to seek contact with a staff member in hopes that they could delete the Seer tracker entirely. I’ve used the “clear” for multiple times in the past few days but had no success.

The following is my profile link:

I would appreciate your time and help greatly!