Can't delete highlights

I can’t upload Applogs because it’s too big…

So, I as in title I can’t delete videos and folders created my the app apex legends trackers. It makes my explorer.exe really laggy and need to restart it. Can’t delete neither with windows and the trash can in the app. Even specialised soft like “wse cleaner” crashed. I can play them with VLC and copy/past, the copy is also bugged, even whith a rename

Hi, this sounds like you’re having file permission issues on your PC if even you can’t delete the files through Windows explorer. Make sure you’re set as an administrator on your PC and you should be able to delete the files. If you give file deletion permissions to our app/Overwolf (for the clips folder), you should be able to delete them through the app’s UI too.

hi, after further tests the bug came from the AMD codec HW. H265. All files created with h264 or x264 have no issue. Maybe should I try to factory reset my GPU drivers?