Can't find apex account

Hi @noahguy0,

Is it your profile?

hey my profile EQlipsEE on origins is nowhere to be found on the site. Could you possibly help me find my account?

thanks dude for helped me so fast,
i love this sevices

I Can’t link my PSN account. i Can’t find it. Its JiffyGamingX. I wanna use the stat tracker for my streams! the overlay

Hi @Jiffy_Gaming_X,

If you want to track your stats on your stream, you do not need to link your account. You can create an overlay and add your profile manually in the editor:

You can also use this link to view your stats on our website if you cannot find your profile:

I can’t seem to find my origin account

I can’t find mine either I play on ps4: WaitUhMin

Hi @WaitUhMin,

Is it your profile?


I’m also having trouble finding my account. I play through steam, user name is TheCh1cken

I played through Origin initially but switched over to steam months ago. The User name should be the same anyway

Thank you

@TheCh1cken ‘TheCh1cken’ is not a valid Origin ID.

We would require the origin ID linked to your Apex/Steam account.

Visit and sign in; the correct account ID shall be shown towards the bottom left of the page as well as the profile page.

Once you have this username; this is what you would search on site.

Thank you

HI for some reason I cant find my apex legends account. I play on steam and my origin ID is NG_FOLO i really hope you can find it.

my origin name is k3vbot12 and i cannot find my accout

@9cc This account is linked to that username; is this the correct account?
kara1666’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

x9CCx is my friends account and it cannot be searched, it is a origin id on pc
it has been changed to xT9ccTx and still unfounded

@LostBlood i cant find my apex account. I play on steam and my origin username is IGL_FOLO please help if you can

Reguard Olof

@9cc While I can find that account within EA’s app I note their privacy settings are on lock down. I would suggest the following;

  • Make sure they have recently played Apex legends (I’m unable to verify due to privacy settings)
  • Make sure they are playing with basic trackers (My suggestion is to jump into a firing range with them; have them play Wraith and make sure they only have the standard original ‘kills’ tracker on
  • Mess around for a couple of minutes and try again

If this doesn’t please screenshot the in-game player banner for review; something isn’t quite adding up here.


@IGN_FOLO That Origin ID doesn’t exist according to the game/EA.

I would suggest logging into your EA/Origin account and double checking if that’s possible.

Alternatively, send a friend request ‘jyml’ on the EA Desktop add and ping me a message to help verify things.

My profile will look like this: image

Can’t find my account Happ1Day3 Xbox. Thanks

Hello I was using the app on mobile and searched up my gamer tag on Xbox called, Joemama#4597, and even linked it but could not find anything. On the app, it showed up as Joemama4597 so I don’t know if its an issue with the app or apex itself.