Can't Find My Account,Origin,Apex

I can’t find my account in search and when i add it, nothing appear it just write my name not linking an account

Can you please provide your platform and gamertag/ID?

Thank you

platform is Pc
game id is iiTzVARGR

Can you confirm your origin ID associated with that account?

Thank you

how i can confirm the id

If you’re using Steam you’re required to create/log into your Origin account.

Our data comes from the Origin ID not the steam ID; thus we need that when possible so we can review.

no im using origin all other linked account take me to another link to login but origin im just writing the id and nothing happen

Do me a favour, send me a screenshot of your ingame profile + trackers.

ok im sorry for making u mad :disappointed_relieved:

I’m happy to help; no one is mad here!

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Here are a couple troubleshooting tips as I cannot locate that account at all.

  • Please make sure you’re not using strict privacy settings within the origin launcher.
  • Have you changed your origin ID recently? This can cause issues.
  • You have no trackers equipped thus we have no data to review; put on the standard kills tracker for now it could help.
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ok i’ll try and i change my name today cuz the old didn’t work too.

Changing your name delays things; please allow a couple days for matters to work out.

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I can’t find my account in search and and i’ve already added my account …origin name is hd45s

Same issue here origin linked but my profile isn’t listed when i search it.

OriginID: M793Rocket

My account previously loaded fine on the mobile app, and it still loads on the web browser but for some reason it doesnt on the mobile app

Origin id: Ronnyll751