Can't find my apex legends profile

i tried searching my profile using both origin id and steam id , both can’t seem to find my account.
my EA id/origin ID : 2beeeeee

Can you please double check the associated Origin ID? I can’t seem to trace ‘2beeeeee’ on EA’s platform.

I’ve sent a friend request via game to your Steam ID however to try help trace the correct Origin ID which we require.

Thank you

ok let me clear some confusion , i have 2 EA ID which has the same name 2beeeeee(6 e’s) and 2beeeeeee (7 e’s which what my apex account is right now) , but i cant find both of this account on

No worries; I can see your correct ID it’s just not pulling through correctly.

Have you recently changed it?

Thank you

@2bee here you go, you can now also link your account 2beeeeeee’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

OMG, thank you so much Lewie! Appreciate the help.

May I ask why tracker can’t find my account , is it problem with the origin ID

Thank you ALOT!! ;D

You should be able to find it now; we never had the account tracked prior to today (that I can see)

So basically it just needed to pull the stat’s over :slight_smile:

Figured, but all good ;D

Thanks again Lewie, have a nice day.