Can't find my profile on RL tracker?

Hello, I am also receiving a similar 404 error message or “we could not find your profile” when I attempt to use the Rocket League in game tracker to locate my profile. I was on Steam for years, but recently switched to Epic Games for other features. Everything is linked as far as I can tell, but I cannot generate profile information in app.


Here is another image of how it appears on the desktop in-game app.

I am having this issue also. I was able to find my stats on a different site, so I believe this is just a TRN issue. I am on epic platform and could only find stats on It is a crappy site compared to TRN but it’s getting me by.

i am also having that issue it just says 404

Also having the same issue. EPIC ID gets found by every other site, just TRN seems broken

Still seems to be broken (or broken again). App can’t find my epic ID (mobile and PC both). Other sites work fine, so doubt the issue is on EPIC’s side

I have been having this problem for a week now. It just says that my profile cannot be found. Just looks like TRN is broken at the moment.

Thank you for all your reports. It takes us more time than we expected, we are still trying to resolve the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

@penguinfn3 @VolguusClortho @ignitewite @Eclipse_rocks

We have pushed a fix. Can you see if it works for you now?

Can confirm it works now! Thanks devs!

Hi I am having the same problem described in this thread. My Epic name is local_joke_

I too am having the same issue. Epic name is fsgZebra . Browser and in-game app not working.

Hi @tesarey1 and @fsgZebra,

Your profiles should be available now:

I am closing this thread. If somebody is experiencing this issue too, please give it some time. There are several issues with the Rocket League API right now and you may need to search for your profile several times before it starts working.

If you still cannot find your stats after one or two days of waiting, please create a new post on the forum.