Cant find my stats or username even though linked

so i play on steam, i have my steam, origin, xbox live account linked and it says there linked, but when i search my own username using my origin ID it doesnt show up my origin ID is SPOOKIEzu3wf1, i do not play on origin im on steam, and i didnt switch from origin to steam, ive been playing in steam since i started, in case that matters, any help?

@SPOOKIEzu3wf The Origin ID you quote doesn’t exist: image

Neither does the Origin account you have linked to your TRN profile


Can i ask that you sign into your Origin account on the official Origin site ( and look for the ID in the bottom left-hand corner; searching this should solve your issue.

ts SPOOKIEzu3wf1 on the official page, still didnt work

Can you please do the following?

Set Wraith as your legend.
Set your only ‘tracker’ as kills (please ensure this is the default basic tracker with zero artwork)

Jump into firing range

Play around for 1-2 minutes and then search your origin ID again

Thank you

did this, still didnt work

@SPOOKIEzu3wf SPOOKIEzu3wf1’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker