Can't find my xbox account on Halo Infinite

I’m on PC but use Xbox game bar as I can’t play halo without an Xbox account. Account isn’t all that old, maybe a year or two so there should be no problem in terms of finding newly created account (if that is even a thing?).
Gamertag is Garlic25 but TRN has no accounts under that name (it has never been changed). I linked my Xbox account, but every time I go to the Halo Infinite page it has the option to sign into my Xbox account (below search bar)…even while logged in with a linked Xbox account. I have clicked the green sign in bar and once I have signed in it takes me back with the option still there to sign in.

I’m honestly lost at this point.

Hi @DangerDoggo15,

In some cases, it takes some time to collect your stats. Your profile should be available now:

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