Cant find orgin account for apex

So I have my orgin account linked with my steam name and everything. Im relatively new to pc so I want to try and track and monitor my stats. Everytime I check for my orgin name which I switched (I even tried the old one before I switched it) it does not pop up. I can find my xbox account but not the orgin. My current orgin name is RawB4ckwards

@RawB4ckwards Is this your account?


If so the likely hood is you’re playing with certain trackers that don’t show on outside so we cannot search you up; I’d suggest following the below-linked guide for at least 2-3 games and then trying again.

Failing this please Visit sign in and confirm your Origin ID in the bottom left of the page

Thank you

Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network