Can't find profile on apex tracker

Hi, I unfortunately can’t find my profile on the apex tracker website.

My Origin username is GoOsE_Za

As you can see my origin is linked (although not sure if it linked correctly) but if I search for my username on the tracker nothing shows up. If I go to my region and go through the leaderboards my profile is also not there. Any help would be appreciated!

Can you please ensure you are following this guide for a few games (play with basic trackers for a while; this should help!)

Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

Thanks for your response! So my feature legend is octane at it has had the same base badges on for basically 2 seasons. Is there another reason that my profile doesn’t show on the tracker that I could look into? How I know for certain my profile isn’t being tracked is currently I’m on 10,040 RP and I’m from South Africa. If I filter the leaderboards by region and go to that RP amount my profile isn’t there.