Cant Link Origin account ID

Linked more than required but still getting an error


Liazra is your Steam ID, not your Origin ID

Please enter the ID ‘Xcyth3’ in the Origin box and then click the checkmark.

Thank you

That was my old Origin ID I have since changed it the URL has updated but not the name

I’ve looked into this and on EA’s side your ID still shows as ‘Xcyth3’; this may be caused by EA’s nickname system.

Can you check your username on the Origin Site or EA app and confirm it’s fully updated?

I’m struggling on this one.


(Please note; on the EA app the account does show up as Liazra but also shows the old ID depending on which part of the app I’m using)

Same it appears as Liazra on the site and yes im fully updated on ea app and origin i confirms Liazra