Can't link psn or Activision

I already have these linked and Xbox is 5 linked not enough

Try log out and back in and try again; if you’re still having issues can you let me know what error message you’re getting?

As an FYI no ‘blue tick’ will be next to the PSN ID as we cannot verify those accounts in the same manner as others.

Thank you

The log out log back in worked however I do have one other question my apex legends account doesn’t seem to have been updated in probably over a year I have 6000 more kills on my main then what it shows

I’d hazard a guess this is due to tracker selection; i’ve made a quick guide to explain which trackers we can access and those we can’t.

Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon

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so i finally connected my account but i simply cant find my new username or old usernames on the apex tracker lists despite the fact that ive had it connected before on another account, whats up with that?

@K1ngStatic Can you let me know which platform you are playing on and either your Origin ID for PC/Switch or PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag for those platforms please?

Thank you

K1ngStatic: PSN