Can't Upload Lineups (PLS FIX)

I have been trying for days to upload lineups for Valorant but I keep getting an error on upload. I managed to upload 2 lineups and both times I got an error after trying to upload a second I figured this was a limitation since my last lineup hadn’t been approved yet. Once my first lineup uploaded I was able to post a second so I figured that was it but now it won’t let me upload at all.

Tried to upload a different vid(even tho the other meets the requirements).Now it is giving me another error saying I need to have 150 character description when both my previous lineups didn’t have this requirement. Also requiring 150 character is too much am I just gonna have to write a spam description just to upload a lineup??? What is going on, HELLO? DEVS???

I put my old description in that has less than 150 characters and it worked???

It’s still giving the blank error message on the other vid I was trying to upload, no repeat titles, under 60 secs under 150mb, a description. I just want to upload my lineups to your site for looking up lineups.

I was finally able to upload the vid after compressing it all the way down to 110mb before it was 149mb and 135mb respectfully when I tried. This has to be a glitch, I can understand 149 not working but 135 should have been fine for the upload.

Thanks for the reply devs <3

Is it a complete sentence?..

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry we didn’t get back to you.