Can't use "Link profile" League of Legends

When I try to login with Riot ID on a website or try to use mobile app and link it here, it doesn’t let me and just refreshes the page after handshake with RiotAPI (but it’s okay with Valorant stats as I can login both on mobile app and website). Adding my account to favorite doesn’t change anything.
So far I’ve tried to login in incognito, using “logout of everywhere” on Riot Account Management (so it unlinks everythig), and trying to use VPN (both pc and phone).
Any help please?

Hi @TheParabellum,

Do you use the same Riot Games account in both games? Have you tried to unlink your current account ( and link it again on the League website instead of the Valorant website?

Yes, I do and did try to unlink it there too

Could you send me a link to your League profile on our website please?ƒe/overview
Here you go