Can't use premium on site

I am using Overwolf and got premium when it came out. I used my google account to log into overwolf and i got no way to link the tracker premium to the site. Is this normal ? It look like on the site that it should be applied to the site and the app ?

Hi @fenix02,

Could you tell us please if you purchased the premium on our website ( or on the Overwolf Appstore as shown on the image below?

If you subscribed as shown above, the premium will be available only in the app. In this case, you can consider switching to the premium on our website once your Overwolf subscription expires (TRN Premium is available for both our websites and apps).

I did on the overwolf store. The issue is i can’t log in from this account into the tracker app, my email is not recognized. I did check and my email is correct, i also have an email from you on this email.

Got it working ! I think its because i did not confirm my email back then and when i did yesterday and tried just after your email database was not updated. I tried today and i can log in. So i’ll do the switch when my other subscription is over, thank you !