Changed to new PSN ID name but still showing the old one

Hello, I changed my PSN ID name more than a year ago but it kept showing my old PSN ID on the leaderboard :frowning:

What platform are you on? PS5
Previous PSN ID name? LiAssault
Current PSN ID name? iDirn

Sometimes it shows my oldest IDs too (Herr-Assault + Assauit1 with a capital i)

I just want to stick to my current PSN ID (iDirn)

Thank you for the help.

Any help with that problem! please

Can you confirm you’re not going to change your PSN ID again anytime soon? Constant changes cause lots of issues on the back end.

FYI Your account appears to be working fine here however: iDirn’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

Thank you

Yeah I’m not gonna change it again.

It works fine when I search it manually but the issue is my ID keeps changing on the leaderboard to my previous ones.

Thanks for the help

Hi, I’m having this same issue with my psn account for apex legends. I changed my ID twice so I’m assuming that is causing the issue. My current ID that will not be changing is Klinikal_TV but there are no results when I search for it. All my stats are under my old ID stewiecookie. I’m hoping there is something that can be done. Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately this is an issue with PSN/Respawn. As you’re probably aware Apex launched prior to Sony allowing gamertag changes which is causing quite the set of issues for us HOWEVER we’re aware a fix is looking to come ‘late summer’.

Your personal profiles should work fine however global leaderboards may not reflect your current ID just yet; however hopefully they will soon.

Klinikal_TV’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

Link above; it just takes time for PSN swaps to move over.

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This worked for a couple days but now it just says 404 player not found and my stats still show up under my old name.

Try again; it’s going to be a little bit fussy until a fix is properly in place.

We’re working with the relevant teams to try resolve this issue as a whole down this line; your link just worked fine so it’s just bad timing.

Sorry we know this isn’t ideal.