Character stats dont show up properly

my daily matches are right but my character stats are wrong for some reason, it seems like only the beta character stats show up, anyone else has this problem?

We’re aware that MV Tracker needs some work; we’ll hopefully have updates soon!

ive seen some devs offer to just fix the issue if you give them your username, is that possible? my username is GaleGame

@a3786f19-a82a-452b-b If you’re looking for your profile that’s here: GaleGame’s MultiVersus Overview Stats - MultiVersus Tracker

If you have missing matches/stats/heros we’re aware updates need to be made. It’s in the pipeline

i don’t wanna be all greedy and everything, but I would appreciate it so so much if u could actually do this for my account. None of my character MMR or top fighters are showing up. My username is zxLustrous