"Clear Legend" NOT Working - Requesting Assistance!

Hello @LostBlood & Staff Members,

I am having a problem when trying to clear my Seer tracker! I’ve been trying to seek contact with a staff member in hopes that they could delete the Seer tracker entirely. I’ve done everything the site requested of me and used the “Clear Legend” multiple times (a day) in the past few days but had no success.

The following is my profile link: https://apex.tracker.gg/apex/profile/psn/NoOrdinaryPanda/overview

I would appreciate your time and help greatly!

We have a written guide coming soon! (Hopefully today actually!)

I’ll update you ASAP

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Hello @Lewie ,

Thank you for reaching out! I’m looking forward to hearing an update and possibly seeing the guide.

(Just letting you know I tried again but had no success using the “Clear Legend” ability)

I appreciate your time and help!

I’ve used it successfully just now and in the past but it is always super finicky and can take a few attempts. I just follow the instructions on the page but here are some things you could try if you’re not getting it to work:

  • Wait in the lobby until the tracker page refreshes and confirm that it says “Current Tracked Legend: Seer”, “Current Tracked Stats: Care Package Weapon Kills”, THEN click the Clear Stats button.
  • After clicking Clear Stats, switch legends in the lobby (to another one that is on your tracker page) and wait until the tracker page refreshes itself, then wait until it refreshes itself again.
  • Don’t click the Refresh or Force Update button, let the page refresh itself.
  • Equip just the level badge (level 500 badge) in slot 1.

Sorry it’s not much to go on but I feel the key is to wait for multiple cycles of the tracker page refreshing and to keep trying. Hope this helps.