Clicked on unlink button and cant re log in the app

Hello! I accidentally unlinked my account on the valorant tracker, and now it will not auto claim onto my account when i enter a game, I’ve made sure to follow other forumns posts, to no avail, it detects what agent im using in the match, and reads out whos in the lobby, although does not detect any kills, agent uses, map wins etc

Hi @nox769,

Is your real nickname visible in the live match? If not, have you checked your privacy settings? You can read about them here:

Also, have you tried to restart Valorant and Overwolf?

Thank you for helping me

Hello, I have had this issue as well… Here are my logs: DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Thanks for helping me and I am sorry I will never unlink my account again…

Here is new updated log: DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Hi @Yayaben,

Thank you for your logs. According to them, the app was able to detect your nickname. Can you see it on the left side of the main app window? If not, could you uninstall Overwolf and install the app again?