api ist not working for nightbot/twitch anymore


I was using the API to track players in warzone by using twitch night bot.
This always worked fine, but for 1-2 weeks already its not working anymore. This is the reply I always get:
Nightbot: Unexpected identifier
when you try using a urlfetch statement without eval, its also returning “remote server returned code 403”, which means, that the api isnt permitting access to use it. Do u know, if this gets fixed or what I can do, that the commands work again?
Example Command:

$(eval u=$(urlfetch json$(query));[1].stats;; w=s.weeklyMatchesPlayed.value ; r=s.kdRatio.value;t=s.weeklyKdRatio.displayValue;h=s.weeklyHeadshotPct.value;`The stats of ${p} are >> Overall K/D: ${r} | Weekly K/D: ${t} (Bei ${w} Runden) | Headshot: ${h} % | Profile Link >>$(query)/detailed`)

Hi @m0nx,

You are currently using our internal API which is why our system might ban you because of it. We do not have public APIs for Call of Duty and you should stop using the internal one.

so there is no way using the API for nightbot? or other bots?

Correct. It is allowed to use our public APIs only for games listed on this page:

Hello. Is there any possibility to see Valorant at this list?