Cod tracker not working

Cod tracker not showing all matches, only showing a few. Any ideas on why that’s happening???

Hi @Jammy123,

Could you give us any examples please? Do you have this issue in multiple profiles?

Played a few games but they ent all showing, for example had 8 kills in duo’s on 1 game and it’s not on the cod tracker, as if I never happened. Not to bothered but just curious as I’ve never had any issues with it before.

Could you send us a link to your profile please? When did you play those matches?

Same bro only a few games loading

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I have had 2 games in the last 7 days just not show up… last one was a win so it was easy to notice it was missing… Kinda bugging me cause it was my PR too…

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Hi all, same problem here in last 2-3 days. It is not correctly tracking my games. 3 Resurgeance Quads missing 29th august (one with 10 kills) and five Resurgeance Quads missing yesterday (30th august, among which one with 7 kills, it was my only win yesterday in the 13 matches played).
But worst thing is that my account seems not to be updated on the general stats, I still see 17.179 total kills and only 51 total wins and those are numbers of months ago! I also cannot see kills done with Krig, FARA83, FFAR and many other weapons! My top kill stats are still the ones with MP7 and Oden which I don’t use since so many months, from one of the first seasons!!!
This is my profile:
Thanks if you address me to the right support and find out what’s happening.