Connected wrong OW2 account

Need to remove my OW2 account and connect the right one

You can remove linked accounts on this page Tracker Network Login

To remove linked accounts from the app you can go to the more menu on the game title you have selected and from there to the settings page. There you can find a button to unlink your profile from the app

I did that, I unlink it and when I want to link my other account it just links my other account back

Did you link another account on the website?

Nope, the only overwatch account I’ve linked

i continue to delete my current OW2 on desktop and mobile app, nothing works, it continues to add my wrong account that i accidentally added, and it is not allowing me to change it or anything, i click on on linked account after i remove my account to add the one i use and it continues to add the account i just removed

Hey Bjorneal,
It might be that your linked account is cached. Could you try opening the link account page in an incognito browser window and try deleting the wrong account and linking it again