Country flag not showig

I cant get on the regional leaderboard even though i have my geo settings turned on and psn linked + I’ve claimed the warzone profile. Ive tried multiple times cant seem to get it to work please fix!

also the flag is not showing in my proile

Hi @Ihave5KD,

I see your flag in your Warzone profile right now. In some cases, it takes some time to update your settings and placements in leaderboards. Please make sure you waited at least 24-48 hours if you cannot find your placement immediately.


this is my warzone profile, i can not see anything

it seems like the problem is my activsion ID is I have 5KD, and that is what people search for… My ps name is Ihave6kd, I want my ps to be linked with the activision id and show my country flag there on the picture I sent if you understand

Please make sure that your Activision ID is written properly in your Tracker Network account settings:

It looks like you need to add 7 to the end of your Activision ID.

thank you! i will try now

I checked the nickname you linked now and there is still an issue with it (you have added an extra whitespace). Please copy the correct Activision ID below:

I have 5KD#5968537