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Will I only get help if I buy premium? Is this a pay to get customer support site? Honestly :man_facepalming:

Hi @KwonnieKash,

Sorry, our support team might miss your previous topic. We are trying to answer all questions on this forum, and you do not need to buy Premium to get support here.

Please send us a bit more information about your issue in your previous topic:

  1. Do you play Cold War, Modern Warfare, or Warzone?
  2. What is your platform and nickname?
  3. Could you send us some screenshots of what you are trying to do? It would help us understand the issue.

Ok cool, thank you.
Ps4, modern warfare/warzone.

The screenshot showing the page it directs to doesn’t show the whole page for some reason which is why it looks cut off, even when zoomed out.

This is the profile tab I’m clicking that goes to previous screen shot.

And to clarify my ps4 name is LazeyKwon, warzone in-game name is KwonnieKash

At any stage have you changed your PSN ID; especially recently?

If so can you provide your prior ID?

Thank you

No it’s never been changed.

Please note that your in-game nickname is Activision ID which should include some digits in the end. I think your real in-game nickname is KwonnieKash#1802654.

Please use the links below to access your profile:

  1. Activision ID:
  2. PlayStation 4:

Most probably, the account you linked on the website is wrong. Please go to your account settings and link one of the profiles I sent above:

Yea I realise that, my issue is I can’t change where the profile tab takes me. Like I said in my original post it seems to be stuck on my initial search before I entered the numbers so it says profile not found. I can find my profile if I search it. Just wondering if resetting or changing the ‘my profile tab’ is possible so it can be redirect to the correct search. Thanks.

Yes, it should be possible. Have you tried to remove your current profile on this page?

Both accounts have already been linked previously.

I’ll give it a try. So delete then re-enter?

Yes, please try to remove it, then make sure it was removed from the navigation bar, then try to link it again.

No luck. Doesn’t get removed from the nav bar and after deleting linked accounts it’s now not letting me re-link them. I’ll probably just delete my account and start another. At this point the hassle of trying to troubleshoot is out weighing the benefits, thanks for the help though.

i am getting this error when i try to link uplay account
“We could not find any profiles connected to your Ubisoft account. Make sure that one of the following platforms; Xbox, Epic, or Steam is linked.”

Is this in relation to rainbow six siege?

If so please post here! (We’re actively monitoring this issue)

Post your Uplay verification issues here - Rainbow Six Siege - Tracker Network

Hey i would like help there seems to be no catchin up on my part i have over 13000 wins on resurgence but it only shows 400 on here can you explain that?

Please create a new thread for this