D1 tracker is down

I cant see my Destiny 1 stats anymore. It’s been down for 2 weeks.


This does not work. Any help very appreciated.

@c4d5e006-f12e-423a-b We took the site down last week.

I’m not sure we will see it back; but we will listen to feedback

I think it would have been right to give everyone notice so that we could download all the statistics, I sincerely hope that you think about reopening the tracking

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I just found out about this via Reddit and even though I haven’t played D1 in years, I poured loads of time (great times too) into the pvp and would very much like the chance to download/screenshot my old stats. I had no idea they’d be taken down with no way to access them potentially ever again.

My feeling is that at the very least they should be put back up for a period of time now this news is getting around so people can have a last chance to save them how they wish.

Hi, please restore Destiny 1 tracker. Even after the most of D1 Trackerbase was removed years ago, I continued to use the Perk Finder page https://destinytracker.com/destiny/perks/ and give link to many new players and returning old players who would go to your page and see your advertisements :slight_smile: D1 is very popular again starting last year, Thank you

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Any word on this? My friends and I still regularly play D1 and it sucks the tracking just went belly-up out of nowhere!

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Have been trying to get max grimoire on 360 for 3 years now. Begrudgingly assembling 2-3 crucible games per week through discord servers in order to get rank victories, class kills, etc.

Without this website it will be impossible to see my progress.

There are many people still playing in 360 and ps3 and next gen d1 is dang near a fully active game still.

Bring it back online please.

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Hi, have you thought about reopening the tracker again? I believe it is important for many players to have the possibility at least one last time to access their statistics and perhaps save them in some way

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Destiny 1 Legacy site will be online for the next week ~

Please take what screenshots you need - Destiny 2 Stats, Leaderboards, Streams and more! - Destiny Tracker

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