Daily Rank Updates in Rocket League Tracker

The Rocket League tracker has a section called “Skill Rating”. It contains graphs with daily data points of your current rank. My question is: Do daily data points get added only if the profile is accessed at least once this day or do those data points get fetched every day once your TRN profile has been set up?

Hi @CanePlayz,

You should open your profile regularly (ideally, after every match) to track changes in your stats. If you are interested in your skill rating changes only, it may be enough to visit your profile once or twice a day.

However, if you become a Premium member, we will update your stats automatically every few minutes:


Thanks. I will integrate opening my profile once a day into my daily routine then. I’m currently trying to play without knowing my rank so I might decide to become a Premium member or just try to avoid looking at my ranks when I open my profile once a day.