Damage stopped tracking

Been using this for a while now. Had the same issue at first but the server status was yellow. Changed to green after an update and started working with no issues. All of a sudden a couple days ago, damage stopped tracking again. Wondering if this is just a temporary issue.

Hi @tbazz9416,

Thank you for your report. We will try to reproduce the issue soon. Meanwhile, could you send your logs if you are still experiencing it?

I have the same problem. Here are the logs.
AppLogs_2022-10-03_16-57-27.zip (1.4 MB)
OverwolfLogs_2022-10-03_17-00-58.zip (1.7 MB)

The site is telling me that new users cannot upload files. Any other way I can send this out? I took yesterday off so I didn’t play any games. Server status is now yellow.

Thank you @Erhogg and @tbazz9416. We were able to confirm the issue and we notified Overwolf about it as damage detection is currently broken on their side. We hope to get a fix from them soon but it may take them more than usual.

Thank you for investigating it and giving an answer. Much appreciated

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