Destiny 1 Weapons Database is not working

I have a lot of saved god rolls that I want for weapons on Destiny 1. I use the to look at the database for all of the destiny 1 weapons. Recently, they haven’t been loading and show a “Error Loading: bad gateway”. I would like to know what it’s not working because I have a lot of good weapons that I am needing to destiny for damage

Hi @SquideoGames,

Could you provide any specific examples please?

An example is that I use Destiny Tracker for Destiny Item Manager. When I want to look at the rolls for a gun, I use the database. Recently, it hasn’t been working. Here is the screen that I get. Is it on my side or is it on the website’s side? Do I have a bad internet connection?

What are the names of weapons you are trying to view? If possible, please provide links.;53o;71o;46o
Here’s as many as I can send. They all do the same thing and there’s about 24 different links to different weapons. I tried it on my phone, different search engines, and browsers like Opera and Google Chrome

Unfortunately, it looks like we no longer have the data and it cannot be recovered.

Please note that we do not maintain our legacy websites anymore and some of them are becoming completely unavailable over time.

oh no, that’s unfortunate. It was the best site for Destiny. Well, I guess all things come to an end