Destinytracker stats not tracking properly?

My profile seems to be constantly adding losses to my trials winrate. At the beginning of the weekend, I was at a 91% winrate, which is exactly what trialsreport reads. Now, in the past 24hrs Ive dropped to a 64% winrate, my losses are up by around 200, and my elo is tanking. Ive lost 8 matches this week and my weekly stats are perfectly normal looking. I don’t know where these losses are coming from, as they are not in the cruciblereport database. These losses are not backed up, as there are way too many Please send help. profile is Razzer racer#0507

I think it may be repeating the same loss. My kd is converging and I am losing less and less elo.

Same problem here, some of my friends are having the same issue. Mine is up at 300 losses now

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Im thankful that im not alone with this problem. Heres to hoping they notice us

Hi @Razzerracer,

Thank you for your report, we are currently working on a fix and related improvements. We will make an announcement on the website once the fix is live.

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