Do not appear on leaderboards

Console - PS4
Gamertag - FXplays_
Country - GB

Twitch and PSN is linked and Geolocation has been set.

has been 2/3 days now since this was all set up.

thank you!

@FXplays Hello and welcome to the TRN forums.

I see you fine here without issue:

hello and thank you for responding!

im trying to be on the current season kills/wins, i should be #3 and #2 for UK

i have the this season kills and and wins tracker selected, is there anything else i need to do?

never mind i realised my issue! thank you.

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So how did you sort out the issue?

@henretteren Let me know the specifics of your issue :slight_smile:

It does not update my actual BR rank, it says im Bronze 4 when im master with 10113 rp. @LJM

The user made a separate thread for this issue: