Does R6 Tracker work for anyone else?

I’ve been trying to make the r6 tracker work for the past couple of days and I’ve downloaded it twice already but it doesn’t seem to open up its overlay when I play, nor does it display any weapon stats or operator stats. Is it because the steam overlay messes with the way that the tracker works? Or is it possibly my discord overlay affecting the way that the R6 tracker works? When I get into a game, it doesn’t update the information nor does it work in the game as I cannot open it using the hotkey. The one that I’m trying to get to work is the Overwolf R6 tracker. I’m assuming that it doesn’t detect the R6 tracker as I’ve been pressing the hotkeys yet the stats still won’t pop up. Additionally, when I’m in a live match it just keeps saying waiting for next match even while I’m currently in one.


Please could you complete the steps in the guide first? If there are still issues, we can move onto next steps.