Doesnt display the account in the search (apex)

hi, why does my main account (created via steam) not find it in the search, but the second account finds it, despite the fact that it was also created via steam

and in general, I have already renamed the second account for a long time, but it is still displayed with the old nickname

pls help me

Hi @twinkleblades,

Could you tell us your Origin nicknames for both profiles please?

Moreover, please note that our website does not support searching for players using their Steam nicknames right now. You should always use your Origin nickname to find your profile.

“twinkleblades”(main) and “twinklefree” (used to be “twinkletoys” but I renamed it along time ago but it still appears as “twinkletoys” on your site)

the situation is as follows: there is the largest discord server in Russia “Apex RU Community” and there a special bot is used to issue roles by rating in the game, which takes information from and in this regard, I am experiencing difficulties with obtaining the role of “Platinum” because my account simply does not find it on your site and automatically gives me “Bronze” (this title is available on the second account “twinkletoys”). I really don’t understand why, but it is true

Probably the problem is that for some time I used the same nicknames on both accounts, while the main one was banned(not any more) and then I do not know how to fix it, because the problem is exactly on your site

and I know that I should use nicknames from Origin when searching, but I still can’t find my main account in the search.