Doesn't link accounts

In-game stats works well but,it doesn’t link to my account and i can’t see my overall stats on the app

Okay so i had to restart the app and the game few times and now it works.

Thanks for the update.

Hello @all i have a Problem i have installed the Live tracker on my PC and i played with Playstation but i see no Live Match. it comes waiting for live match. i have connected with my Activision ID. Kind Regards

This is only for Warzone on PC. We can’t support that on Consoles.

hey, ive downloaded the app and have set my preferences to all, the live tracker works however when i load up the game it doesnt connect to my profile. i can search my profile and find it but i cant search using my activision ID. I have tried restarting numerous times but it just wont link my account.

Hey, it appears to be a problem for everyone, a lot of people who changed their prefferences it doesn’t help them, its not TRN’s issue it’s activisions probably, i’m not sure why they changed the privary settings since only information u give is ur stats and ur name info not the adress and stuff like that. I hope this will be fixed anytime soon becouse a lot of people are facing this right now

@Yunglordie unfortunately this is an issue on Activision’s side. If this guide doesn’t help it, there’s still a bug running on their side currently.