Doesnt work R6tracker

(Hello, I recently downloaded the r6 tracker to my computer and noticed that even after and during the played match it is written: “Enter a multiplayer match to get stats. Rainbow 6 Siege tracker will appear when match starts”. What could be the reason for this? After reinstalling the application, nothing has changed, but only the “search” tab in r6 Tracker works).

Ubisoft. PC. Rainbow Six Siege
Press Ctrl + X is doesnt show r6 tracker

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Hi, you need to make sure Overwolf is running before siege is launched.

Might be useful to run through this as well just to clear any other issues;

Close siege, navigate the your system tray (up arrow bottom right-ish of your task bar), right click the Overwolf icon, Exit Overwolf, open Overwolf from Windows search bar, once open, launch siege.

If this doesn’t work, let me know, thanks.