Efficient Method of Adding Legend Badges to TRN Profile?

My question is, is there a more efficient way of getting the legend badges onto my TRN profile other than equipping them and waiting for the site to register? I have unlocked all legend badges for Valkyrie excluding; Valkyrie’s Wake (20 Kill Badge) 4k Damage Badge, and Triple Triple. With so many badges it seems like such a long process. I attached a screenshot of the badges I have unlocked in hopes that someone could manually add them too my account. I hope I’m not asking to much I’m a big fan and a regular of your site and last time I had issues I was helped immediately. Thanks again! I’ll also attach a link to my profile hope that helps. :smile:

Hi @krakatoa47,

Unfortunately, we do not support Badges on our website at the moment. Do I get it right that you tried to update your stats by changing your Badges?

You can update your stats only by changing your Trackers in-game. However, there is no efficient way to update all your stats due to limitations of the Apex Legends API.