Error 404 i cant visit my profil

i can’t go to my account page because “it says i haven’t played the game”
the app is working perfectly
please help!

Hi @thephantomduck,

Could you please click on your nickname in the app and send me a link to the page that opens? Most likely your nickname in the app is different from the nickname you linked to your Tracker Network account (i.e. you linked the wrong account on the website).

is the account linked to it correctly?

You linked KissZolika260#EUNE to your Tracker Network account. However, your current nickname is thephantomduck#NIGHT.

Please try to link your Riot Games account on this page again:

If it keeps linking the incorrect account, please link your account in an incognito browser window.

I have already solved one of the issue, I used the username of the Riot account associated with the League of Legends regions, but if I use the right one, it says this even in incognito

if i click on the riot account to login I instantly login to the wrong account and i cant login into the right one
if I don’t get that unknown error

nvm i created a new account and do it in the right way
ty for the help