Error 404 on halo infinite

Hey my profile’s stats are gone and gave me an error code 404 when i still play the game.

Yup same thing with me guess xbox isnt as important since the people its happening to on steam are getting replies and there pages fixed but whatever smh

the game uses Xbox accounts for everyone, regardless if you launched it through Steam or not.

anyway, we are now filtering out bot matches - make sure you play with real players at least once for the profile to appear

Yep, TRN isn’t working on my gamertag for Halo Infinite, broken site.

Lol the best that can be said is make surr we are playing real matches not with bots lmao your match making system alone puts us better players matched up with bots as it is smh. But on a serious not im pretty sure people arent complaining about there profiles not showing up with nothing but a 404 error saying we havent played the game yet even though we have long left the bot boot camp stuff. Obviously we are checking the site for real stats not bot game stats for that to be the answer is kinds weak because that issue is common sense from the start why would you ever even incorporate bot matches at all smh poor thinking and effort put into the making of the game at that point

Yeah the response from staff was laughable

not sure what you’re trying to say by “our matchmaking system”, we did not create the game and have no say in the development of it. we’re working within the constraints of both Microsoft’s and 343’s systems, and there are going to be bugs and problems - both the game and the site are barely a week old.

for example, in the case of OP’s problem, the entire profile is returned empty from the game services themselves - it might be completely outside of our control at the moment, and the unnecessary hostility won’t make it any easier to fix.

Yea its whatever just the same as the games trash rank system win 5 games in d6 and go up like 5 percent in rank lose 1 game and drop 40 percent smh just another dog **** disappointment from 343 since bungie left

it was working before, because if you see on the leaderboards, im on paper diamond 4 and currently 100 and something in australia. But i should be 100 or 90th place. I played ranked like crazy too. So no i dont play bot matches.

Hello, I too had the 404 error, now it’s resolved but when I go to my profile, I have about 400 matches played but no stats are displayed, everything is at 0 …